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 [S1] Austin Dye - 3B, TPE: 279
 Posted: Nov 1 2017, 12:58 PM
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Player Information

Username: ADwyer87
First Name: Austin
Last Name: Dye
Number: 23
Position (1B,2B,SS,3B): 3B
College/High School: Cosumnes River College
Birthdate: 1/28/1995
Throws: R
Bats: R
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210
Birthplace: Oakland, CA

Player Archetype: [b]Quick Infielder (eg. Jose Altuve)

Fielding Attributes:

TPE Available: 0
(MAX: 100) Infield Range: 64 1/4
(MAX: 80) Infield Error: 60
(MAX: 60) Infield Arm: 50
(MAX: 85) Turn Double Play: 50
(MAX: 25) Catcher Ability: 5
(MAX: 25) Catcher Arm: 5
(MAX: 50) Outfield Range: 10
(MAX: 40) Outfield Error: 5
(MAX: 50) Outfield Arm: 10

Player Archetype: Balanced Batter (eg. Manny Machado)

(MAX: 80) BABIP vs RHP: 49
(MAX: 80) BABIP vs LHP: 30
(MAX: 90) Gap vs RHP: 45
(MAX: 90) Gap vs LHP: 45
(MAX: 70) Power vs RHP: 30
(MAX: 70) Power vs LHP: 30
(MAX: 80) Eye/Patience vs RHP: 47
(MAX: 80) Eye/Patience vs LHP: 30
(MAX: 80) Running Speed: 35
(MAX: 40) Stealing Ability: 25
(MAX: 65) Baserunning Skills: 25
(MAX: 40) Sacrifice Bunting: 20
(MAX: 40) Bunting for a Hit: 20
(MAX: 80) Avoid K's vs RHP: 47
(MAX: 80) Avoid K's vs LHP: 30

Hitter Type (Spray, Pull, Extreme pull, Normal): Spray

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 Posted: Nov 1 2017, 01:03 PM
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Congrats, your player has now been approved to join the PBE! Right now, you joined in time for the Season 1 draft, so please check out PBE Drafts to get more information on when that is. In the meantime, I wanted to provide you with some great information.

1. You can create an update page HERE. Feel free to update your player to get the notice of GMs!

2. Feel free to start doing weekly training and Point Tasks as well.

3. Please check out the Rookie Guide which has some great information on how to be successful in the PBE!

Best of luck and we hope to see you in the Hall of Fame!
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