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Apr 17 2018, 02:30 PM

Season Four Mock Draft: First Edition
Wow, where does the time go? We are approaching the fourth season of the Pro Baseball Experience, and with it, the Amateur Draft. While this season does not exactly have the perceived depth of some of the previous drafts, there still should be some gems that can be selected by teams if they are willing to take a deeper look than what the surface provides.

This is the first version of the Mock Draft as I see how things will play out. These teams could really go in any direction, but it will be interesting to see how different the positions will be by the time our projections are complete.

First Overall Pick: Death Valley Scorpions: 3B Michael Rapinski

Rapinksi is an interesting prospect, and may be too advanced for Death Valley. They may be more in need of a player who could make an immediate impact with the bat, but Rapinski could play a significant role out of the gate. The Scorpions can find a place for him to play and his defense will improve the entire team by default. Rapinski does struggle a bit with the bat, but he has a high ceiling. His baseball IQ is above average and he seems to have a passion for the game.

Second Overall Pick: Outer Banks Aviators: SP Matthew Auston

Auston is the most PBE ready starting pitcher available in this draft, so it would make sense that the talent starved Outer Banks team could add on a reliable arm to their staff. This is a team that needs help all over the diamond, and a good team always starts with great pitching. The Aviators need a pitcher with the ability to have consistent outings and Auston should provide that more times than not. His dedication to the game is questionable, and he may have serious off-field issues with at least one player on a current PBE roster.

Third Overall Pick: New York Voyagers: LF Hawk Russell

The Voyagers are a team on the fritz and need to make this pick worth it. Russell is a huge bang or bust deal. If he plays up to his ability, he could end up being someone like a prime Jason Bay. Even if he plays on auto-pilot for most of his career, his ability should be enough to get him by for a bit; a la JD Drew. Russell immediately fills the need for power on the Voyagers now that Columbus has left.

Fourth Overall Pick: Providence Crabs: RF Phillip J Fry

It is clear that Providence needs a right fielder. Fry fills that need.

Fifth Overall Pick: San Antonio Sloths: CL Goosebumps Walkaway

The Sloths know that Chuck Gamble may not be an option next season now that he has partially reconciled with Vancouver. They pick up Goosebumps and save themselves millions of dollars. He would take some time to develop, but relievers should be simple enough to replace when the time comes if your staff can handle it.

Sixth Overall Pick: Vancouver Vandals: SP Curtis Kane

When you have one of the best pitching staffs in the league, you might as well just keep on piling on. The champs will have their choice of some decent talent at this point, and Kane is a pretty good selection for them to lean on. He has reliable stuff and is someone that could have some time in the bullpen before he moves into the rotation. Kane could also be dangled in the future as a trade chip to a needy team down the line where the Vandals can capitalize on his overall value.
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