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Post name and team for +3 tpe
Aug 11 2018, 12:29 PM
Vandals Extend Chuck Gamble

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Aug 9 2018, 01:31 PM

Reporter: Steven Moore
Editor: Doctor Topher

The Minor Leagues are only a season old and they already showing to be a huge benefit to the league. Teams are able to forecast what might be holes in a season or two and draft promising prospects. One of those teams would be The Alcatraz Sentinels, and I was lucky enough to sit down with the General Manager at their ballpark in Alcatraz, California to discuss what they think of their team this year and how the minor league is doing.

Firstly, I asked what Johnny Runakiwi’s thoughts were on the upcoming season for his team. He had it rough last season with some of his players not performing to the best of their abilities, and some missing some of their trainings all together. Even with all these struggles they still managed to make it to the Minor League World Series. “I'm excited about this season. The Sentinels caught a pretty bad break in the minors championship last year, so I think everyone in the organization is excited to get a chance to make things right. We've brought in Rindiee as our new Co-GM too, so having some more guidance and leadership in the locker room should prove priceless for our younger guys. I'm glad we have a spot now for the guys to get in some games and see some action rather than rot on a PBE teams bench. It's great for the league as a whole.”

This draft had a lot of extremely promising prospects, and a lot of talent heading down to the minors. I asked Runakiwi who he thought would be breakout stars, and even though the season just began, he saw a bright future for his team. “We've got a promising lineup. We've had a ton of excitement and activity and I think any one of our guys could step up and be the man this year. Zach Malatesta is a guy who stands out to us pretty early. The Sloths got a hell of a player on their hands and we're happy to have him here for as long as we can have him helping us out. Our entire pitching rotation could be PBE ready in a year. These guys just need to put in the work and they'll see the results. “

While some people think the managing a minor league team is an easy job, they do have an important job of shaping the future stars of the PBE. Each General Manager has their own idea of what is best for the prospects. When asked what he focused on most with the rookies, Runakiwi said, “the main focus for the rookies is activity and learning. Once we get the guys in a rhythm, learning the day in and day out of this league and how to get better, it's just a matter of keeping them interested and active. Now that we have a bigger locker room and another GM, I think we should be able to do a good job at this and have a team that's constantly improving.”

Runakiwi is starting his second year as a Minor League General Manager. He served as a Co-General Manager of the Vancouver Vandals for a few seasons, so he’s had plenty of experience working with rookies. When asked what was the biggest hurdles he’s seen new players encounter, he replied, “I don't think we've had any problems really. If anything, it's difficult to learn this league. But I don't blame anyone for not understanding at first, it can be tricky to figure out. “

The last question I figured would be best answered by a Minor League GM as they’ll have the best pulse on the going ons of the league. The league has been getting bigger and bigger, and our draft classes continually bring in new prospects and guys excited to be in the majos. With all these new players joining the league, expansion is to be expected. So, I asked what they thought. “From what I've been told, minors expansion could very well be as early as next year. Our active player counts are rising steadily, and with new rookie requirements coming into effect next season we may not be able to sustain the growth of the league that fast without expanding. It would be great for the minors competition as last season it was pretty clear there were 2 teams fighting it out all year and 2 just kind of holding a spot. I'm looking forward to it.”

I also was able to sit down with Godfrey Bowman who was a Sentinels for a part of last season and get his take on how it was in the minors and how the growing pains of a new league were for the rookie.

Firstly, I wanted to know how it was to be in the minor leagues, “My time on the Sentinels was interesting. It was the first the season that the team was around and there were some kinks that were being worked out. Things were getting smooth but I had earned a trip to Vancouver partway through the season so I did not see the conclusion.”

A big piece of the Minor League is that you can focus on bettering yourself and being able to shine on your own platform without being surrounded by the superstars of the majors. When asked what surprised him the most, well the answer was surprising. “I think I expected to be a more dominant player early on but I was surprised by the talent of the other players. I definitely underestimated everyone and maybe overestimated myself.”

The Minor League World Series was a thriller last year, but didn't have the viewership of a Major League World Series. Bowman, someone who was once with the team earlier that year commented “I will be honest, I was too wrapped up in trying to figure out the majors that I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. “

Next, I asked for his uncensored opinion. How was Johnny Runakiwi as a GM? “My GM in the minors was arguably better than my GM in the majors. Things are a lot more involved in the bigs and gms can't spend as much one on one time with players.”.

Finally, as he was the first round of rookies to be in the minor leagues, I was curious of what changes or improvements he'd make to the new league, “I don't think I have any recommendations at the moment. It's still new, and just like the players it needs to be developed and not rushed.”

Meanwhile on the field, the Sentinels have been playing just as well as the rest of the league. As we stand there's a league wide tie. Every team in the MiLPBE is 4-4. They started the season at home, with a four game series against The Swift Steeds. In the first game of the series which they won 4-0, Anderson Pooper showed he was determined to make it in the bigs, going eight innings and allowing only 7 hits, 0 walks, striking out one and allowing no runs. Then, during the fourth game of the season when they won 4-1 they got a fantastic day from Eddie Spaghetti. He went one for three, hit a two run homer and walked once. Meanwhile on the mound, Harvey Bones went 6.2 innings, allowing two hits and one run while striking out nine. After splitting the series at home with State College, they hit the road to take on Sherbrooke Hornets for another four game series. The first game of the series featured plenty of offense as both teams were able to put up double digits, the final score being 16-13, in favor of the Hornets. Eddie Spaghetti was once again a run producing machine, hitting two runs in the game. Zack Malatesta, Center Fielder, went 3 for 6, driving in 2 runs himself. Ollie Daniels also went 3 for 3. They would go on to split the series with The Hornets.
Aug 8 2018, 12:25 PM

Providence Crabs S6 Week 1
Author: Steven Moore / maxcrazy
Editor: Doctor Topher

Season six opened up to a World Series rematch. The Crabs were taking on the Vandals in a six game series. The series started with the top 2 Pitcher of The Year candidates on the mound, Castillo and Secret. Teams remained scoreless until the 4th inning, the Vandals went on the scoreboard first. After 5.1 innings, Castillo was pulled with two runners on. Pete Rose came in and surrendered a homerun to Vick Thunder, his second blast of the game. The Crabs lost the opener 9-1. Koufax was taking on Rodriguez in game 2 of the series. Valentine opened the scoring in the 3rd inning with a solo homerun. Valentine picked up two more RBIs in the 7th. The Crabs wouldn’t score anymore runs, but Koufax pitched an absolute gem. Allowing just one hit and one walk in a complete game shutout, the Crabs won 3-0. The Vandals answered back in game 3 in a 4-0 shutout as Wozy took on Steiner. Borkman made his first appearance as a Crab, he allowed an inherited runner to score, but struck out two. Game 4 featured Tyler Oles and Philip Thompson. Oles got off to a rocky start, allowing 3 runs in the first inning, but the Crabs were able to tie things up in the 8th as Adrian Columbus took Chuck Gamble deep, blowing his save. However, Borkman was unable to seal the deal. Vick Thunder hit his 3rd home run of the series and Chris Bennett recorded his first career save. Game 5 had Castillo and Secret back on the mound. The Crabs turned a 2-1 lead over to Penny Kowers in the 8th after Castillo allowed the lead off man to get on base. Orlando Jackson tied the game at 2, Vick Thunder broke the tie with a sacrifice fly, and Steven Moore hit his 2nd triple of the game to score two more runs before Kowers was pulled. Pete Rose came in and finished the inning with a strikeout. The Crabs were able to score in the 9th on a Jack Westin double, but fell short, 3-5. The series finale against the Vandals, Koufax, coming off a complete game shutout vs. Rodriguez. While Adrian Columbus was able to hit two homeruns this game, his efforts alone weren’t enough to secure a win, the final score, 2-3.
The Crabs continued their road trip to Outer Banks. They’re two games in to a four game series. The Crabs were unable to slow down the Aviators offense as John Cheng threw a complete game, allowing just one run. The Crabs lost 1-7. Following a tough loss, the Crabs didn’t just one-up the Aviators, they two-upped them. Winning the game with three homeruns, and a final score of 9-1 as Tyler Oles went 7 innings and allowed just four hits and one run. Christian Augustine sealed the deal.
Just eight games in to the year, Koufax has already pitched a complete game shutout, a no-hitter than was broken up late in the game. Tyler Oles is off to a good start as well, joining him as the only other Crabs pitcher with a WHIP under 1.00 this early in the season. The hitters for the Crabs are off to a slow start in terms of batting average, but the power is showing already. Adrian Columbus has hit three homeruns already and he has three teammates with two; Mike Boss, Jarrod Stanton, and Matthew Valentine. A sluggish start has them at the bottom of the Eastern Division, but with 92 games left to play, there’s no reason to panic. Reliever Pete Rose hasn’t allowed a run yet and free agent addition D’Aroldis Borkman has allowed just one in his 4.1 innings of work. Michael Rapinksi and Penny Kowers are off to slow starts. Rapinksi has reached base just twice in eight games. Kowers was responsible for a four run inning that cost the Crabs a game in his only appearance of the year thus far. We’re just eight games in though, the Crabs starting rotation can and likely will continue to provide quality starts. When will the rest of the team begin capitalize on it? While that remains to be seen, I'd feel confident in the Providence clubhouse.

Meanwhile, off the field, Twitter has been in the news lately for all sorts of things, but it’s finally come to the Pro Baseball Experience. Penny Kowers, currently has had an awful start to the year, has been quiet vocal on the social media platform. He has been calling out the Vancouver Vandals and their management. It has created quite a stir. Kowers took the time to answer questions from the press.
Kowers was first asked what his personal and team expectations are on the year, he responded, “My expectation is to win the fuckin' Reliever of The Year yet again, and win the World Series. We'll get there. I hope.” Quickly following, Kowers was asked if he regretted the tweets, because of all the headlines and attention that has been on them. “I’m only here because I fuckin’ have to be” said Kowers. “I regret nothing I do- any moron should know that. I’m always going to tweet out what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. If that hurts some buttholes along the way, that’s not my problem.”
“Penny, do you think the hostilities are bad the for the league?” asked an interviewer. Kowers swiftly responded,”I don’t really care about what’s good and what’s bad for the league… who know what’s bad for the league- some douchebags winning the league then rubbing it in everyone’s faces each season. Act live you’ve been there before… celebrating like you’ve never won a championship and then talking shit. It’s a goddamned shame out league is represented by these children.
After being faced with the question, “What provoked these tweets, was there something Vancouver specifically did,” Kowers responded, “I touched that earlier- their ‘holier than thou’ attitude. They act like their shit don’t stick- they just really got lucky. There’s no class, there’s no honor.” Kowers paused to catch his breath before adding “They hide in their locker room and like a fucking cult. Whenever a new player shows up, they brainwash them into being a little cuck too. It’s just tiresome and annoying. The entire league is just done with them- they just don’t realize it yet. I’m just the asshole that’ll tell ‘em.”
The interview was cut short. After being asked “You are not off to a fantastic start to the year. The season is still young, do you think you can turn it around,” Penny Kowers stormed off. Following the interview with Penny Kowers, the media turned to several other players around the league. This quiet and reserved closer is a polar opposite of Kowers, but he was able to give us some of his thoughts.
Chris Bennett has historically never turned down an interview but has rarely given the media anything to make a headline out of. After the fifth game of a six game series, I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview before he got off the field.
“Chris you just recorded your second ever major league save and you got your first earlier this series, what’s that like?” Bennett responded, “It’s a great moment in my career. I’m happy to be off to a good start this season, but I’m really excited about the team being able to battle back late in games, come back from behind, and provide those save opportunities for me. I wouldn’t have gotten the save if it wasn’t for the four run 8th inning”
“Now you know with all that’s been going on, we wouldn’t just be talking about baseball- what are your thoughts on Penny Kowers’ tweets?” A topic Bennett was clearly hoping to avoid, he paused before answering “I think it’s uhh… unnecessary. It’s not the kind of stuff I'd want to get caught up in. Gamble and I have found success early in the year by staying focused on baseball. I'd like to keep it that way. “ That pause was pungent. Bennett has a history of taking the time and picking his words to keep the spotlight off him. I couldn’t let him get off the hook that easily.
I asked Chris, “if you could personally speak to Kowers, what would you like to tell him?” He responded “I don't have anything to say. We've got two very different ways of going about our business. I'm not a fan of that style, that's really all I have to say about it.”
“Do you think these hostile tweets are bad for the League?” I asked. Bennett answered “I'd say it definitely casts a negative shadow on the league and it's players to the general public. I wouldn't want some his comments representing the league.”

At the time this article was written, no actions from the Head Office has been made regarding the tweets.

Bennett was asked, “do you think there should be a punishment set by Head Office for these tweets?” He said, “I wouldn't be surprised if the league got caught up in it, but I'm not going to comment on what I think they should. I'm just a relief pitcher, and I'm still a rookie to the major league, I'm far from making any decisions.” He made it clear he just wants to play ball.
After being asked if was upset by the tweets, he said, “I wouldn't say they upset me, but they were in my mind during our season opening series,” he paused, “I guess it's nice to watch people eat their words.” His smile widened slightly and he left for the locker rooms.
We were unable to get much out of players around the league when asking about their opinions on the Penny Kowers tweets. GM and shortstop of the New York Voyagers, Clem Johnson pushed things off to reigning Rookie of The Year saying, “Ludwig would probably give you a good quote." Ludwig Groetzinger responded, “Kenny Powers has every right to call out the most hated team,” and “what he says is his business.” The Swiss Miss added, “the Vandals ship will sink and Bennett will leave to greener pastures.”
Previous GM for the Crabs, Beanie, responded “Whatever Kowers said was completely fair and justified unless and our organization is standing by him.” But the most level headed response came from the Crabs’ sophomore starting pitcher, Tyler Oles. “I don't really follow twitter much, but it was hard to miss that. As for it, I love it- the passion in the statements is fantastic. Now if only we could beat the damn Vandals when it matters.”
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