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Yesterday at 10:41 am
Post your predictions for 2 TPE plus 1 TPE per correct answer. This PT is due 15 minutes before the start of Saturday's sim.

7/10/18 - v

7/11/18 - v

7/12/18 - v
Yesterday at 10:39 am
This PT can be done in conjunction with LPT 6-3 and is worth 3 TPE. If you are a member of NSFL (or you want to join - playoffs start today) you may do one of their tasks for the Ultimus Week PT and just link it here in this thread for 3 TPE

Written - Some of us are young bucks in our first year, others are wiley old veterans, either way rookie year is something to remember. Write 200 words about your rookie year and why it was a unique experience.

Graphic - Do a magazine cover story about your player right after he was drafted for his rookie season. MUST BE OF ADEQUATE EFFORT

Due - 8/19/18 at 11:59 PM
Yesterday at 10:36 am
This PT can be done in conjunction with PT 6-3 and is worth 3 TPE and 300K.

Written - The season has started and some players are crushing it, while others are getting destroyed. Write about 3 players that are doing really well or really poorly to start off the season (100 words each).

Graphic - Create three unique sigs for three different players showing their success or failure. SHOW ADEQUATE EFFORT.

This PT is due 8/19/18 at 11:59 PM
Aug 6 2018, 12:17 PM

Esteban Rodriguez (not known for talking to the media) steps forward to the speak.

"My teammates and I have recently been relentlessly attacked by the Providence Crabs organization. Penny Kowers has spent weeks talking a ton of shit about us unprovoked. Their general manager now calls our team shameless. Penny then spoke out "dominating us" because he won 2 games while we won four. While I understand that a 33% playoff win percentage is more successful than anything the Crabs have done, he should keep his mouth shut and actually accomplish something. I care about the team's performance the most, but if you wanna talk about playoff records how does 6-0 sound? So to Penny Kowers who I do not know well, and to tlk who my agent is close to, I say we're not a team of dbags. We're the champs. Have been 4 seasons running. I'll take any questions anyone has on this or anything else - but I just felt the need to say something about my team being baselessly attacked by a team that is allergic to success."

Esteban is ready for questions
Aug 6 2018, 06:13 AM
Post your predictions for 2 TPE plus 1 TPE per correct answer. This PT is due 15 minutes before the start of Saturday's sim.

6/8 - v
6/9 - v
6/10 - v
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