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Kellan Buchanan is no stranger to Baseball and he is no stranger to the PBE landscape. Given his status as a Draft Prospect he opened up about his thoughts on each PBE team and where he sees himself landing. Of course Kellan has his favourites and some squads that are not his favourites. Recently a high power stated that draftees declaring where they want to play is something he "loathes" but unfortunately many have an issue with circumvention of rental players as well. Here is the PBE teams ranked by a PBE hopeful in this draft!

Number 6 Death Valley Scorpions

The stink hasn't worn off from this franchise yet in regards to former manager Cosborn. Letting a 12 yer old kid manage a team was a weird experiment. Maybe it was a "Manager for a Day" contest that went astray or they forgot to read their own fine print. That being said this franchise is not one of the ones Buchanan has any wish to play for.

Number 5 Providence Crabs

Buchanan wants to stay away from teams that remind him of bad things, so staying away from a team that could give him irritation is probably safe. Not to mention he has knowledge that JBlaze is one of the managers there and with his ghosting truck record, Buchanan wants to stay away from that sort of thing.

Number 4 Vancouver Vandals

Vancouver has won a lot of World Series championships in the PBE, but Buchanan wants to stay away from the Pacific Northwest franchise. One of the reasons is that the logo they use is really terrible. It's not so much the design but it's relation to the name that is terrible. What the hell is that, a sword through a baseball? A vandal to Kellan is a thief or someone who throws shit at store windows during city evaluations.

Number 3 San Antonio Sloths

I don't really want to play for a franchise called the Sloths because I am fast and Sloths are...well not fast. Plus I don't think I'd want to play for a franchise with JuOSu because I don't like Ohio State University and it has the acronym in her/his name. The colours kind of bore me as well.

Number 2 New York Voyagers

The poop brown/grey colour these guys got is the reason I want nothing to do with them. Plus I already lived in New Jersey and I left before it made me soft. I think having a New York based franchise is lame but that's just my personal opinion.

Number 1 Outer Banks Aviators

Obviously number one is the one team I've built friendships with and shared a lot of losses with. OBX and I go together like fine wine and terrible cheese. Plus I like the colours and since Berkeley isn't around anymore for Rockies renders, aviators is my number one. Plus I am being forced to write this by Keygan who said if I didn't he wouldn't come to my birthday party. It's a Bob the builder themed party so I was hoping to have him there so he could pretend to be a tractor or bobcat or some cool talking heavy machinery. I'm thinking of having balloons but not any of those really tacky ones that pop easily. We hired a clown last year at my Dora the Explorer themed party and he brought easily pop-able balloons and everyone went home feeling somewhat disappointed. Oh yeah, also Outer Banks is a cool name.

*I have no reason to play for another team and am willing to sit out a season to test free agency. I literally am only in the league to play for Outer Banks and pile up those losses. If you know my track record in this league, it's that I lose a lot of games and it's usually done with Outer Banks. Oh also I'm here to ruin cosborn's rep (which is hard to do because it's so low already).
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